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File #: 22-102    Version: 1 Name: Presentation: Shoreline Development Project Entitlements
Type: Presentation Status: Received
In control: City Council
Meeting Date: 3/14/2022 Final action: 3/14/2022
Enactment date: Enactment #:
Title: Staff Report for a Work Session on the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project Entitlements for the future development of approximately 75 acres of the San Leandro Shoreline area (Shoreline) as part of a public-private partnership between the City of San Leandro (City) and Cal Coast Companies LLC, Inc. (Developer), with private improvements proposed to result in up to 491 housing units, a 210-room hotel with attached restaurant, a 15,000 square foot two-story restaurant/banquet facility, a 3,000 square foot market/caf?, a redesigned nine-hole golf course, and related site improvements; Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 080G 0900 001 08, 080G 0900 004 01, 079A 0475 009 04, 079A 0590 001 05, 079A 0590 001 07, 079A 0590 002 00, 079A 0590 003 00, and 079A 0590 004 00; Monarch Bay LLC (applicant) and City of San Leandro (owner).
Sponsors: Tom Liao
Attachments: 1. Attachment 1 - Shoreline Future Parcel Exhibit, 2. Attachment 2 - Hotel, Restaurant, Market Plans, 3. Attachment 3 - Multi-Family Plans, 4. Attachment 4 - Single-Family and Townhome Plans, 5. Attachment 5 - Preliminary Bike and Ped Exhibit, 6. Attachment 6 - Preliminary Maintenance Exhibit, 7. Attachment 7 - Prelininary Sea Level Rise Exhibit Optimized, 8. Attachment 7 - Prelininary Sea Level Rise Exhibit, 9. Attachment 8 - General Plan Conformance, 10. 7.a. Shoreline Presentation


Staff Report for a Work Session on the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project Entitlements for the future development of approximately 75 acres of the San Leandro Shoreline area (Shoreline) as part of a public-private partnership between the City of San Leandro (City) and Cal Coast Companies LLC, Inc. (Developer), with private improvements proposed to result in up to 491 housing units, a 210-room hotel with attached restaurant, a 15,000 square foot two-story restaurant/banquet facility, a 3,000 square foot market/café, a redesigned nine-hole golf course, and related site improvements; Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 080G 0900 001 08, 080G 0900 004 01, 079A 0475 009 04, 079A 0590 001 05, 079A 0590 001 07, 079A 0590 002 00, 079A 0590 003 00, and 079A 0590 004 00; Monarch Bay LLC (applicant) and City of San Leandro (owner). 





This work session will provide an update on the Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project (“Shoreline Development”) and provide an opportunity for the City Council to gain a better understanding of the project elements ahead of forthcoming public hearings on the planning entitlements.


The Shoreline Development is a public-private partnership between the City of San Leandro (City) and Cal-Coast Companies LLC, Inc. (Developer) to fulfill the community’s vision for a self-sustaining, high-quality, mixed-use development complimented by recreational amenities.


Monarch Bay LLC (applicant), which is an affiliate of Cal-Coast Companies LLC, Inc. (Developer), is in the development review process for the private components of the larger Shoreline Development that require planning entitlements, including a Vesting Tentative Tract Map, Planned Development Project, Site Plan Review, and Use Permit for:


1.                     The establishment of 12 larger parcels/blocks that correspond to the new layout of the site and to facilitate the property sale and lease;


2.                     A 210-room hotel with an attached restaurant, a detached 15,000 square foot two-story restaurant/banquet facility, a 3,000 square foot market/café, and associated parking located north of Mulford Point Drive and west of Monarch Bay Drive; 


3.                     A 285-unit multi-family apartment complex with associated parking located south of Pescador Point Drive and west of Monarch Bay Drive; and


4.                     A “for-sale” development of 144 detached single-family homes and 62 townhomes located on approximately 16 gross acres east of Monarch Bay Drive, south of Marina Boulevard, and north of Fairway Drive.


A Development Agreement is also being prepared to address further details of the project, including Developer and City responsibilities, phasing considerations, and fees. The Development Agreement will build on the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with Cal-Coast Companies LLC, Inc. that was approved by the City Council in February 2020.


Please note that this work session is not a noticed public hearing and is not the time for the City Council to deliberate on the project. It is a time to ask clarifying questions of staff and the applicant and to identify any additional information that would be helpful in understanding the project scope. Noticed public hearings are planned for the spring of 2022.




Project Site


The Monarch Bay Shoreline area is bounded by Marina Blvd to the north, the San Francisco Bay to the west and Fairway Drive to the south. The Shoreline area consists of approximately 75-acres of City-owned property identified as Alameda County Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 080G 0900 001 08, 080G 0900 004 01, 079A 0475 009 04, 079A 0590 001 05, 079A 0590 001 07, 079A 0590 002 00, 079A 0590 003 00, and 079A 0590 004 00. The Shoreline site is located south of East Bay Regional Park District’s Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline and is largely surrounded by single-family homes and multi-family residential units within the Mulford Gardens neighborhood. The site is located north of the City’s Marina Park and Par Course, the Tony Lema Golf Course (part of the larger Monarch Bay Golf Club), the Seagate residential community, and the Marina Faire neighborhood. No changes are proposed to Marina Park as part of the Shoreline development.


Public-Private Partnership


San Leandro’s boat harbor was constructed using fill and opened in 1963 with 139 berths. In the 1970s, the harbor was expanded and channels were federalized. The channels and boat harbor were reconfigured through the 1980s and 1990s. Over time, federal funding for dredging the channels waned and siltation of the boat harbor occurred. Between 2003 and 2009, vacancies in the harbor increased from 30 to 60 percent due in part to the lack of dredging and increased siltation.


Recognizing the lack of funds to dredge and operate a boat harbor, the City analyzed options for the Shoreline area in 2005 and held regular Marina Committee meetings to determine the best approach for the Shoreline area moving forward. After robust community outreach, a revenue feasibility study, and constraints analysis report, the City Council decided on a master developer approach.


In October 2008, the City put out a Request for Proposals for a master developer and entered into an Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreement (ENRA) with Cal-Coast to negotiate agreements to redevelop the City’s Shoreline area.  From 2008 to 2015, Cal-Coast worked with City staff and various resident advisory committees to develop a Conceptual Master Plan for the Shoreline area that would meet the following stated objectives:

                     Provide complementary amenities to the residents of and visitors to the City of San Leandro; 

                     Connect the amenities with current Shoreline uses;

                     Recognize the development value of a desirable regional location and how private development can fund public amenities and services;

                     Address logical phasing of development; 

                     Require little or no City investment; and 

                     Result in a self-supporting Shoreline project area.


In 2015, the City Council certified an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and approved a General Plan Map Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment (PLN2012-00040) to lay the groundwork for a Shoreline Development Concept Plan that included an office campus, hotel, conference center, restaurants, and housing.


In 2017, Cal-Coast modified the Shoreline Development Concept Plan based on feedback from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and evolving market conditions. Most notably, the office campus and conference center were eliminated, the number of planned residential units increased, and the proposed buildings were relocated closer to Monarch Bay Drive to accommodate sea level rise, freeing up land on the waterfront for a nine-acre community park on Mulford Point.


On February 24, 2020, the City Council approved a General Plan Text Amendment, General Plan Map Amendment, and Zoning Map Amendments, including extending a Planned Development (PD) overlay, to reflect the updated Shoreline Development Concept Plan, which includes:

                     210-room hotel with attached restaurant;

                     15,000 square foot two-story restaurant /banquet facility;

                     Up to 500 housing units;

                     3,000 square foot market/café;

                     Demolition within the Harbor Basin area and construction of a 9-acre community park on Mulford Point;

                     New Mulford-Marina Branch library;

                     Redesigned nine-hole golf course;

                     Reconstruction of Monarch Bay Drive, including a Class I bike facility;

                     Related site improvements, including publicly accessible trails, landscaped areas, access drives, and parking lots throughout the project area.


As noted above, in February 2020, the City Council further committed to the Shoreline Development by approving and entering into a DDA with Cal-Coast Companies LLC, Inc., which includes authorization to enter into leases and a Purchase and Sale Agreement, and outlines key business terms, including the scope of development, schedule of performance, and the respective responsibilities of the City and the developer. Through the DDA, the City and Developer agreed to work diligently and in good faith toward a Development Agreement and appropriate planning entitlements for the private development components of the project (hotel, restaurants, market, multi-family, and single-family) and required that such be completed prior to sale or leasing of City properties.


To accommodate the proposed park and address deferred maintenance, the City will perform demolition within the Harbor Basin area to remove nonfunctional and dilapidated infrastructure and materials and ensure that the area is functional, safe, clean and environmentally sound.  Such demolition will be performed in a manner and scope as approved by the City Council and applicable public agencies.  Additionally, no changes to the existing Horatio’s restaurant and Marina Inn are included in the proposal.


An addendum to the 2015 Certified Final Environmental Impact Report for the updated San Leandro Shoreline Development Project was approved by the City Council on February 24, 2020 (SCH # 2013072011).


Project Details


Hotel, Restaurants, and Market


As shown in Attachment 2, the Monarch Bay Hotel, Restaurants, and Market will consist of three separate buildings: a hotel with an attached restaurant, a detached restaurant/ banquet facility, and a market/café with associated parking, landscaping, and outdoor seating and viewing areas. 




The hotel is a proposed five-story 158,334 sf hotel building with 210 guest rooms. The hotel is proposed to have amenity spaces including a landscaped outdoor pool & spa and attached restaurant. Hotel amenities also include a bar, dining buffet, meeting rooms, fitness center, business center, outdoor seating, and a roof deck. The hotel was designed with transparency along the front and back elevations to allow for views through the lobby towards the Bay. A large, covered porte-cochere at the front entrance would span the drop-off zone and highlight the entry. The proposed Planned Development (PD) Project would allow for the 61-foot-tall hotel to exceed the Community Commercial (CC) Zoning District height limit of 50 feet.




A detached approximately 15,000 sf two-story restaurant/banquet building is proposed to be located west of the hotel. The restaurant/banquet facility would consist of approximately 7,500 sf of restaurant space with outdoor seating on the first level and 7,500 sf of event/banquet space on the second level with a third-floor roof deck. The building has been designed to complement the hotel and make use of ample windows to take advantage of the views of the San Francisco Bay.




A detached approximately 3,000 sf one story commercial structure is proposed to accommodate a market, café, or other retail use with outdoor seating. The market would be in the parking area to serve hotel guests, residents, and visitors that are visiting the surrounding areas. 


Parking and Site Improvements


The hotel, restaurants, and market will be located in the portion of the Shoreline area zoned CC(PD). The hotel will be located on an approximately 6.11-acre leased parcel and the restaurant/banquet facility and market will be on separate, smaller leased parcels. The proposed hotel, restaurants, and market development require a total of 434 automobile parking spaces per the CC District regulations. The applicant is planning to provide 455 spaces in two surface parking lots adjacent to the new development. The “West Parking Lot” will provide shared parking for the new City park. The project exceeds the minimum landscaping requirement of 30,302 sf and proposes 79,848 sf of landscaping with plant materials that have been selected for the project’s proximity to the bay, including plants that thrive in windy conditions and can handle soil which might be higher in alkalinity.


Multi-Family Housing


A 285-unit multi-family building is proposed to be located on a 6.37-acre site. Attachment 3 contains plans for the five-story structure that would include a mix of one- and two-bedroom units. The apartments will be located in a portion of the Shoreline area zoned RM-1800(PD) with a High Density Residential (RH) General Plan Land Use designation that allows for up to 50 dwelling units per acre (du/ac) with approval of a Planned Development Project. The residential amenity spaces for the apartment building include an outside pool on the first level and a club room and roof deck exterior space on the fifth floor that take advantage of the views of the Bay.


As noted above, the Planned Development Project would allow for the density of the apartment project to be evaluated under the High Density Residential (RH) General Plan land use designation that allows for up to 50 du/ac. The proposed 285 units equates to 47.75 du/ac. As in the case of the hotel, the Planned Development Project would allow for the 58-foot-tall apartment structure to exceed the RM1800 District height limit of 50-feet maximum.


The Planned Development Project would also allow for a reduction in the amount of open space required in the RM1800 Zoning District. Approximately 57,000 square feet of open space would be required for the 285-unit project, which will provide approximately 40,526 square feet of common open space on site plus an additional 15,074 sf of private open space through the use of balconies. Private balconies must measure 60 square feet with a minimum dimension of six feet to count towards the 200 square foot open space requirement. The proposed balconies do not meet the Zoning Code minimum standards for private open space and are typically 5’ x 7’ with corner units measuring 5’ x 12’. The unique project location will offer future residents ample opportunity to access nearby open spaces, including Marina Park to the south, Oyster Bay Regional Park to the north, and the planned park and Bay Trail immediately adjacent to the private development.


The Planned Development Project would also allow for a reduction in the amount of private storage for each unit. The RM1800 District standard is for 250 cubic feet of storage per unit. The project is proposing to provide 58 storage lockers that would be available to tenants seeking additional storage area.


Parking and Site Improvements


A five-story parking garage is proposed within the structure for tenants. The proposal includes 435 spaces (405 on-site and 30 on-street). The applicant is preparing a Traffic Demand Management (TDM) plan as part of this proposal, which will help offset the reduced automobile parking. A total of 132 bicycle parking spaces are proposed, including 124 indoor bike racks and 8 outdoor spaces. Landscaping of the entire site, including a landscaped courtyard area, is proposed, consistent with the requirements of Zoning Code Section 2.04.360, which requires landscaping/planting for multi-family residential projects.



Single-Family / Townhomes


The proposed Monarch Bay Homes will be located on approximately 16 gross acres east of Monarch Bay Drive zoned RM-2000(PD) and will consist of 144 detached single-family homes and 62 townhome style condominiums. This Planned Development Project will include two- and three-story single-family homes and three-story townhomes that utilize roof decks, where appropriate, to create varied form and provide for additional private open space. Attachment 4 contains a summary of the single-family and townhome plans along with an illustrative site plan, sample street scene elevations, and floor plans.


Single-Family Homes


The proposed single-family neighborhood would consist of five distinct single-family home plans that are uniquely designed for their particular location on the site. The detached single-family homes would range from 3-4 bedrooms with 2.5-3 bathrooms. Plans 3 and 5, which are typically located along the edges of the site, have been designed to maximize views for future homeowners and to provide articulated elevations along the public-facing edges of the development. Plan 1 would typically be located along the internal street with the front door facing the street and Plans 2 and 4 provide variety for the future homebuyers and would add variety to the interior street scene within the development. Plans 1, 3 and 5 include an optional roof deck with an overall maximum height of 35 feet, with an eave at 30 feet above grade for ground ladder access by the Fire Department. The two-story homes will measure approximately 28 feet maximum in height.  Each of the five single-family floor plans will offer 2 or 3 exterior elevation options. Additional variation will be provided through 12 distinct color schemes that are still in development.


The architectural style of the single-family homes and townhomes is contemporary with clean lines and finishes, including stucco façades, with the introduction of stone veneer and cementitious siding to add variety and texture.


The Planned Development Project would allow for the creation of specific setbacks and development standards to fit the specific development and product type. Typical setbacks are proposed as follows:

Front - 4’ minimum, 5’ to garages

Side - 3’-6” minimum (7’ between homes)

Rear - 5’ minimum with typical yard spaces of 10’ x 20’




As shown in Attachment 4, the townhomes will offer three floor plans and occur in two building types - a 6 plex and an 8 plex with one cohesive style. Plan 3 is specifically designed to be located at the end of buildings along Monarch Bay Drive and features a 2nd floor deck and larger view windows.


The design of the townhomes is intended to be simple, yet bold, with a primarily stucco façade with vertical cementitious siding and metal railings. The overall height to the roof deck stair tower is approximately 43 feet and the typical parapet is 37 feet above grade. The townhomes will vary material use through varying color schemes that are being developed.


Vesting Tentative Tract Map


A vesting tentative tract map is proposed for the 75-acre City-owned Shoreline area to divide it into 12 parcels (including the harbor basin) that are varied in size and reflect the updated Shoreline Development. The reconfigured parcels, shown in Attachment 1, will also allow the City to sell and lease the land to Cal-Coast as outlined in the DDA and associated Purchase and Sale Agreement and Leases.  The proposed vesting tentative map would establish parcels as follows:


New Parcels / Purpose


A                     Reconstructed Mulford-Marina Library

B                     Reconstructed 9-Hole Golf Course

C                     Residential Subdivision for Townhomes and Single-Family

D                     Sewer Lift Station

E                     Recycled Water Pump Station

F                     Horatio’s Restaurant (Existing - no changes)

G                     Marina Inn (Existing - no changes)

H                     Multi-Family Apartments

I                     Parking Areas for Hotels, Restaurants, and Adjacent Uses

J                     Restaurant/Banquet Facility

K                     Market/Café structure

L                     Public Space areas; Parking, Harbor Basin, and public open space areas


Off-Site Improvements


The Shoreline Development includes a number of off-site improvements, including:


                     Reconstructing Monarch Bay Drive with Class I bike facilities - (see Attachment 5 for planned bicycle and pedestrian circulation);

                     Installing a traffic signal at Aurora Drive and Marina Boulevard;

                     Optimizing signals along Marina Boulevard;

                     Constructing portions of the Bay Trail adjacent to the Multi-Family and Hotel developments;

                     Construction of a new nine-hole golf course east of the Single-Family and Townhome development;

                     Upgrading/upsizing utilities in the vicinity, including the Neptune Lift Station (sewer); and

                     Significant investments in public art in the project area.





The project will support San Leandro’s goals of creating a greener, healthier, and more sustainable city by incorporating environmentally friendly materials and methods in both the design and construction. This will be accomplished by adhering to green building standards, incorporating sustainable building materials, providing roofs that reduce the heat-island effect, an innovative and on-site approach to treating stormwater runoff to alleviate stress on the City’s sewer system, using solar energy where possible, and including increased electrical load capacity to accommodate the expanding use of electric vehicles (EVs).


Sustainability highlights include the following:


                     Hotel and Apartments LEED Certified;

                     Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on Single Family and Townhouse roofs; 

                     Multi-family building will be all electric to the extent feasible, including an electric HVAC system and Energy Star all-electric appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, clothes washers, and dryers). The Developer is also researching microgrid and battery storage and will incorporate into the design if economically feasible;

                     All buildings must perform 15% better than 2019 Energy Codes, which require window efficiency; low energy lighting; lighting occupancy sensors; wall, floor and attic insulation; efficient heating and cooling systems; water heater requirements; VOC Emissions reduced for use of construction material; water conservation for landscaping and building use;

                     Construction Waste Diversion Recycling - 65% recycled; and

                     Use of reclaimed water for single-family/townhouse element landscaping, if feasible.


EV Infrastructure & Green Infrastructure


A minimum of 25% of total parking stalls are proposed to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces. Fifteen percent (15%) of total parking spaces will have EV chargers installed and 10% would be EV Ready. The EV spaces will be located adjacent to accessible parking spaces meeting the requirements of the California Building Code, Chapter11A, to allow use of the EV charger from the accessible parking space and that the EV space shall be located on an accessible route.


The project further supports the goal of a greener, healthier city via the enhancement of the public right of way, which will be accomplished by adding street trees and green spaces, and by providing much needed funding to enhance open spaces. Additionally, the landscaping in the Single Family/ Townhome area is planned to utilize recycled water (purple pipe).


Sea Level Rise


The private development projects and adjacent City park components are being designed to address projected sea level rise, including raising the site several feet and planning for future adaptation options. The proposed new buildings are all located outside of the 100’-wide San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) jurisdictional boundary; however, the park and exterior portions of the private hotel, restaurants, and multi-family apartments will be subject to BCDC review. A Preliminary Sea Level Rise Exhibit is included as Attachment 7 that shows the planned minimum design elevations for the project. The exhibit shows a number of elevations for both the proposed development (Finish Floor) as well as proposed minimum elevations for the surrounding park and public areas. The site elevations are presented in two ways, representing two different benchmarks (datum).


1.                     NGVD 29: represents the benchmark used in the planning entitlement drawings

2.                     NAVD 88: represents the benchmark used by FEMA/BCDC


The proposed minimum elevations were determined by using the current FEMA base flood elevations and adding the 2070 projected sea level rise for high emissions based on the State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance.


Construction Practices

During construction, numerous mitigations will be employed to minizine the impacts of construction to the environment and the community, including reduced emission trucks and machinery, dust control measures, air quality monitoring, noise reduction plans, and many other enhanced construction-related protocols, all managed by a publicly available on-site manager to efficiently deal with any related concerns.


Transportation Demand Management


As required by Mitigation Measure TRAF-2A and TRAF-2B.2, the applicant is working with a qualified traffic consultant to prepare a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program. The project is required to provide a shuttle service that operates between the Project site and key locations such as San Leandro and Coliseum BART stations and Oakland International Airport.


Based on the mix of land uses and a review of existing TDM programs in Alameda County and the City of San Leandro, the following additional TDM measures are also being considered:

                     Carpooling (traditional, dynamic, Uber/Lyft pool)

                     Vanpooling (Enterprise/MTC, owner-operated)

                     Guaranteed Ride Home - provides commuters who regularly (twice a week) carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work a free and reliable ride home when needed

                     Car Share program

                     Bike Share and/or Scooter Share Program

                     Bike Lockers

                     Bike Serving Stations

                     Expand Bikeway Network

                     Subsidized Transit Passes (Clipper Card)

                     Transit Improvements (bus stops, real-time info, integration with bikes)

                     Travel Information and Education (trip planner flyers and web/apps, outreach, bike workshops, wayfinding)

                     Rewards programs and incentives

                     Preferential parking for carpool and vanpool

                     Unbundle multi-family residential parking costs from property cost or lease

                     Safe Routes to School program (Garfield Elementary 0.5 miles away)


Additionally, several existing programs that provide TDM measures are currently offered by MTC, Alameda CTC, and the San Leandro Transportation Management Organization (LINKS shuttle).


Inclusionary Housing Plan


The State passed Assembly Bill (AB) 1505 legislation which took effect January 1, 2018 and restored previously invalidated inclusionary rental housing ordinances for many cities and counties such as San Leandro. Because Cal-Coast had entered into Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreement (ENRA) with the City many years before AB 1505 took effect, AB 1505 was an unexpected change that negatively impacted the financially feasibility of the proposed Project.


In addition, Senate Bill (SB) 35 also took effect on January 1, 2018 and enabled the State to identify local jurisdictions that were not complying with mandated regional housing production goals for housing production at various income levels. While San Leandro made sufficient progress on its very low- and low-income housing production goals per the State, the State has identified about 300 jurisdictions, including San Leandro, that were not meeting their market rate housing production goals. The City has also been deficient since the early 2000s in meeting its moderate-income housing goals. Due to these factors, the applicant has proposed an alternative means of compliance (to the 15% inclusionary set-aside new construction requirement) as allowed under the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance to provide increase needed market and moderate income housing while replenishing the City’s Housing Trust Fund. 


The applicant has proposed an alternative means of compliance as allowed under the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance through a hybrid approach that provides needed market and moderate-income housing while replenishing the City’s Housing Trust Fund. The DDA between the City and Cal-Coast outlines the inclusionary requirements for the Shoreline Development which will also be reflected in the Development Agreement. For the owner units (single family and townhomes), Cal-Coast will construct 10%, or 21 total inclusionary units on site, out of a total of 206 units and pay a pro-rata housing in lieu fee of approximately $1 million for the remaining 5% set aside requirement. The proposed for-sale in lieu fee is $10 per gross square foot of residential floor area. Of the 21 inclusionary for sale units, 13 workforce income units and eight moderate income units will be provided. The workforce income housing units will be made available for families whose gross income does not exceed 135% of the Area Median Income. The moderate-income units will be made available for families whose gross income does not exceed 120% of the Area Median Income.


Per the DDA, Cal-Coast will also pay a housing in lieu fee based on $5 per rentable square feet instead of constructing on-site inclusionary units for the 285-unit multifamily rental development. The housing in lieu fee for the multifamily rental development is estimated to be approximately $1.2 million.


Cal-Coast will pay a total of approximately $2.2 million in housing in-lieu fees to the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Housing In Lieu Fees can then be leveraged to attract additional County, Regional, State, and Federal funds for affordable housing projects.




The Shoreline Development meets the goals and visions for a comprehensive Shoreline master plan that have been envisioned since 2008. The planning entitlements phase is the next key milestone in advancing this project of community-wide significance following the City Council approval of the required General Plan and Zoning amendments, addendum to the project EIR, and DDA in 2020.


Staff is pleased to present these project updates to the City Council at a Work Session and will be available to answer any clarifying questions that arise.




In December 2008, a Shoreline Citizens Advisory Committee (Shoreline CAC) was formed to advise the City Council and staff on the vision for the Shoreline development area. The Shoreline CAC fulfilled its mission and was disbanded in Spring 2011 when the City Council signed an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with Cal-Coast Developers.  In 2012, the City Council Shoreline-Marina Committee approved a Shoreline Advisory Group to provide continuing community input to the City Council and staff on the comprehensive master plan for the Shoreline development area. 


To date, the redevelopment of the Shoreline site was the subject of over 75 public meetings, including a series of outreach meetings in 2020 with the broader community, Shoreline Advisory Committee, Planning Commission and City Council. Approximately 90 members of the public attended the Community Meeting on January 28, 2020. At the City Council hearing of February 24, 2020, 14 members of the public attended the Public Hearing. On June 14, 2021, staff presented the background of the Shoreline to the City Council and provided an update on the Shoreline Development. A work session on the Shoreline Development was held at the Planning Commission on March 3, 2022. A meeting with the Shoreline Advisory Group is scheduled for March 16, 2022.




This work session is offered for informational purposes only and no formal action will take place. A noticed public hearing will follow at which time the City Council will make findings on the planning entitlements.



Attachment 1 - Shoreline Future Parcel Exhibit

Attachment 2 - Hotel, Restaurant and Market Plans

Attachment 3 - Multi-Family Plans

Attachment 4 - Single-Family and Townhome Plans

Attachment 5 - Preliminary Bicycle and Pedestrian Circulation Exhibit

Attachment 6 - Preliminary Maintenance Exhibit

Attachment 7 - Preliminary Sea Level Rise Exhibit

Attachment 8 - General Plan Conformance



Avalon Schultz, AICP

Principal Planner, Community Development Department